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What is a Divorce Financial Advisor?

As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFP, CFDS), I can answer any financial questions you may have related to the separation process.

In a perfect world, I help couples work their way through challenging financial decisions as a cohesive partnership. In reality, I most often work with clients considering separation or divorce who want to know their financial options, or want a reality check for their new future.

As a Divorce Financial Advisor, I empower couples with strategies needed to make smart financial decisions in often emotional times.

Financial decisions are easy when you’re single—because it’s all about you.

But in a situation where you’re entering into a partnership, or deciding to end a partnership, decisions need to be made between at least two people.

And whether we like it or not, those two people will have two completely different personalities, two different sets of habits, and two sets of values. And there are often others involved too, like parents or children.

If you’re going through marriage, separation, or divorce, or if you’re remarrying, it can have a massive impact on your finances.

Money is the most common cause of dispute within a family. I will help you understand the potential ripple effect your decision will have—whether you decide to separate or stay together. I will make sure everyone is on the same page, so that everyone is at the same starting point before making potentially life-altering decisions.

Why use a

Financial Divorce Strategist?

Here’s why anyone going through a separating should consider using a Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS):

I help couples identify all of their financial options when going through a separation. Together, we craft a financial separation agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

This reduces stress in an already-stressful situation, avoids costly legal fees, and helps you come to a much faster settlement.

Because no matter what your situation is, whether you have children, a business, or a pension—whatever your situation—it’s emotional. I provide an objective viewpoint to give you a broader perspective.

Are you a professional who is serving in a divorce action? You can also benefit from working with me, a divorce strategist:

If you are representing a client going through a divorce, I can facilitate coming to a mutually agreeable solution. I provide precise modelling of agreements and assist in enhancing the positive working relationship between client and attorney, resulting in a stronger legal position, thanks to my role as an objective, third-party expert.

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