Watch this short video and find out what a FINANCIAL DIVORCE STRATEGIST is and how I can help you.

What are Financial Divorce Strategies?

As CHARTERED FINANCIAL DIVORCE SPECIALIST (CFP, CFDS) I can answer your financial questions specific to the separation process.

Ideally, I see those couples who need help in any critical couple’s money situation. Realistically, I see clients considering separation / divorce and want to know their numbers and want to get a reality check for their new future.

I give you the power and strategies you need to make SMART money decisions.

Money is a powerful instrument in any kind of life situation. As long as you are single, it seems easy to make decisions – it’s only about you.

Now, in a situation where you

    • marry
    • not sure if you want to stay married
    • or re-marry

it becomes a matter between at least two people: The couple, and therefore two often completely different money personalities in the sense of habits and values. Plus, there might be others involved at one point: parents and children.

ALL those life-changing events (marriage/separation & divorce/re-marrying) have a MASSIVE impact on your finances. MONEY is families’ most common dispute reason – we will explain to you the ‘RIPPLE EFFECT’ your decision will have – together or apart. We will bring you ‘on the same page’ so all of you have the same starting point before making decisions.

At Every Stage

A Strategy for Any Situation

Clients receive the following benefit from working with a Financial Divorce Specialist:

We provide an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation. The identification of available financial options provides for a speedier settlement that is acceptable to both parties, and it reduces stress for other family members.


Professionals who are serving in a divorce action also receive benefits from the presence of a Divorce Strategist:

A broader perspective on financial and property options; precise modeling of agreements; enhancement of the positive working relationship between client and attorney; a stronger legal position; and the availability of an objective expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will ever have to make.  You have only one opportunity to get it right . . . this is your opportunity.
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  • Are considering separation or divorce
  • In the process of a separation or divorce
  • Planning for your future after divorce

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