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Divorce Financial Planner

Maintain Financial Security When Planning a Divorce

As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFP®, CFDS), I provide couples financial advice in Nanaimo, and throughout British Columbia including Vancouver Island, to guide them through challenging financial decisions.

I work with clients who are considering separation or divorce that want to understand their financial options as they move towards their new future.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), I provide an objective perspective for everyone involved, helping to divide a couple’s assets fairly and keeping communication open in what are typically difficult, emotional situations.

In short: whether you’re considering divorce, you’re already in the process of separating, or you’re simply looking for financial advice as a couple, I work with you to make sure you are informed, listened-to, and ready to make smart financial decisions.

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Meet Bettina Plendl, Financial Divorce Specialist

What is a Financial Divorce Specialist?

Couples need fair, objective, and easy-to-understand advice when going through separation to ensure they make the decisions that are right for them.

Professional Financial Planning

I help you understand if you can afford to separate, how to most fairly divide your assets, and how to plan for your long-term financial future.

Objective Advice

Money is the most common cause of dispute for couples. Once you add in the stress of separation, it can be challenging to make sound financial decisions.

I’ll help you take a step back to make decisions with a clear head.

Open Communication

Every relationship features two completely different personalities, two sets of values, and two visions for the future.

A divorce financial advisor makes sure you and your partner are on the same page before making potentially life-altering decisions.

Overall, I provide divorce financial planning that helps couples in British Columbia plan their new future.

Why use a Divorce Financial Planner?

Here’s why every British Columbia couple considering separation should consult a divorce financial planner:

Make a United Decision

Most separating couples want to make financial decisions that won’t negatively impact their children, family, or friends.

But making financial decisions alone or through divorce lawyers can cause a permanent rift in a family.

I help couples make smart, mutually agreeable decisions together.

Unbiased Financial Advice

Unlike a lawyer, I have the ability to work for both members in a couple. I help couples make decisions that benefit the entire family as a whole.

Lower Divorce Costs

Divorce lawyers are expensive. Back-and-forth negotiations can quickly add up in hourly fees.

Divorce financial advisors can help couples craft their own separation agreements that can be taken to a divorce lawyer. Saving you potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Reduce Stress

Sound, professional advice in a moment of need can go a long way to reduce stress.

I make sure you are listened to and cared for, while providing an objective viewpoint that gives you a broader perspective on your future.

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For trustworthy and objective financial advice, contact Bettina Plendl now and receive a free 20 minute consultation.


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