Financial Strategy for Divorce & Separation

Speak With a Financial Divorce Specialist

We provide couples financial advice and planning service and help you make strategical financial decisions during separation or divorce. You worked hard throughout your relationship and we help you protect your wealth.

Our Certified Financial Planner™, Bettina Plendl, is trusted financial advisor and divorce specialist. She helps throughout Nanaimo, Vancouver and mainland British Columbia make informed decisions during unfamiliar and stressful times.

Her neutral and objective financial advice will give you full confidence that you’ve identified the best financial options for your future. In the end, we will save you potentially thousands of dollars on divorce lawyers and unforeseen costs.

Giving You Answers

We bring peace of mind to individuals and couples by answering pressing questions like:

  • How do I start the divorce process?
  • What will my finances look like after divorce?
  • How do we best split our finances?
  • Will it be fair?
  • What will my new lifestyle look like?

Do any of these questions keep you up at night? Call us and we will deliver the answers. Together, we will work on a financial strategy that is right for you and your family.

Our Services

Bettina Plendl provides personalized financial planning services tailored to suit your current life situation, either as an individual or as a couple.

Divorce & Separation Services

  • Before Separating
  • Currently Separating
  • After Separating

Couples Services

  • New Couples
  • Couples’ Reset
  • Remarrying

Our Vision

You are being asked to make life-changing decisions under stressful circumstances. These decisions will impact your entire future.

We want to make these overwhelming times run as smoothly as possible. We’ll get everyone involved on the same page, putting you on equal ground to find a financial solution everybody can accommodate.

Make the right decisions.

Our Mission

We want to empower you with the knowledge of your own financial situation.

We’ll teach you how the separation and divorce process works and lay out your financial options, preparing you for the financial realities you will be facing.

Understand your future.