Are you ready for (Re-) Marriage?

What can you do to say YES and stick it out FOREVER?

Well, I don’t have a recipe for that, but I have a few ideas about how two people who are madly in love which each other can make sure to AVOID a common contributor to stress: WORRYING ABOUT MONEY

At the beginning of something very magical and the outlook of having your most favourite human being next to you forever, it is just natural to leave out a few double checks.

When it comes to money, have a conversation with each other: what does it mean for you? What is OUR plan? What is your connection with it – do you work hard for it and make every purchase with awareness? Are you a saver (meaning you’d rather have it under your pillow than spending it on ‘things’ or ‘having a good time’)? Or are you a spender (meaning you ‘need to have this even if you can not afford it’ or ‘who cares – I’d like to go to the casino tonight and win next months rent/mortgage and a Porsche)?

Those are exaggerated situations – but you’ll see surely why a saver and a spender NEED TO TALK about money before they say YES for a LIFETIME. Fast forward ten or twenty years and I might have them as clients…. Helping and coaching them through a rough patch…. Which might lead to a separation for the wrong reason.

For the individuals who say YES to ANOTHER CHANCE, there is a lot to consider when you blend two families; like how you do Christmas or grandma’s 90th birthday … and of course, the money side. You might have learnt a lot from your ‘former chance’…. hence, have a conversation and eventually see a specialist helping you achieve the FOREVER this time!

At BP Financial Divorce Strategies, we help couples at ALL STAGES having that conversation about money, to make sure it WILL NOT be the reason for your separation from the love of your life!

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