What happens to relationships in the middle of a pandemic?

Well, to couples most likely one of the following:

  • You grow even closer together and love each other more than ever
  • You discover a few things you might not like about each other while spending much more time together in close quarters; and the two of you can work out solutions
  • You discover things, cannot address them and are getting frustrated and are miserable right now
  • You decide that after being close that this relationship is over, and you need to separate

To family around you – you might feel closer than ever and the word family has a new and stronger meaning to you…

To friends – you miss them and are looking forward to re-connecting….

To work relationships – they might get stressful due to anxiety and future worries….

… OR the opposite of the above.

If you feel really stressed about ANY CONFLICT which is related to the pandemic – there is lots of help! If you cannot solve the issues and require someone to help you accommodating communication – please go to https://www.mediatebc.com/resolving-other-disputes/quarantine ! A mediator will assist you in this difficult time at a very affordable rate to hopefully solve the dispute. Everyone deserves to get through these unfamiliar times as best as possible and work out solutions for disputes.
For couples who decide to separate and want to get started with the process– please know that many professionals are still open and ready to assist you. Since courts are currently closed for many matters and the backlog might cause additional delays after the pandemic, you might consider other options.

There are many different routes you can take to figure out your separation – like mediation, collaboration and arbitration, to mention the most common – but those are not the only options. At BP Financial Divorce Strategies, we assist all professionals and individuals involved – no matter the process the family has chosen. If you want to start with your finances – contact us and receive a free 20-minute consultation, maybe even for the two of you. Then both of you have a good idea what to expect and what process might make the most sense for your unique situation.

Call us if you have any questions or book a FREE 20-minute CONSULT by clicking in the button at the bottom right of your screen

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